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Doleco (Kunshan) Lifting & Lashing Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of German Doleco Group. We specialize in producing and selling high strength synthetic fiber slings, chain slings, wire rope slings, lift beams, lifting points, structure wire ropes and so on.
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Doleco Group, well known in slings field in the world, makes a great contribution to the development of slings and the establishment of standards. 

Doleco Group regards testing means and testing technology as the most important  work . We co-operate with foreign testing companies closely, besides, we already have advanced equipments.

Besides has own big testing equipments, Doleco Kunshan is supported by Doleco headquarters and German testing institutes. In addition, we’re cooperating with Swiss SGS, National Machinery Laboratory of Shanghai Transportation University, etc. in depth.

We actively apply third party certifications, ensuring authority and impartiality of test. We have obtained many new certificates. We’ll continue working hard to provide high quality products to customers.

Quality Control

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